Refrigerator Pickles

Our CSA has included a lot of cucumbers. I'm not really much of a cucumber person. John has made a valiant effort to eat them in salads and sandwiches, but I'd rather not.

I do like pickles though. I'd love to try canning them, and someday I will. But I don't have the time or equipment now.  Nevertheless, refrigerator pickles turned out pretty awesome and quick.  I used this recipe from Rachel Ray. Give it a try!


Martha said...

I do ♥ cucumbers...with a little salt sprinkled on top, but my kids don't. Like you, though they love pickles, so I should try this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

Chara said...

I've been making refrigerator pickles, too!! I think I've eaten about 20 cucumbers in the last three or four weeks. That may be more than I've eaten in my whole life.