Vegetable Lasagna in Parmesan Cream Sauce

Isn't it funny how quickly the internet has changed, and how quickly it has changed us? When John and I first married, he had a folder where he kept recipes he printed from online. I kept craft ideas in three ring binder. Today we have pinterest. :)

John's vegetable lasagna recipe is outstanding. I grew up with a meaty lasagna, so his - with broccoli and carrots - seemed unlikely. But apparently, smothering anything in cheese guarantees tasty. And this recipe includes ricotta, a parmesan sauce, and a healthy dose of mozarella. I made it again this week - substituting the broccoli and carrots for vegetables included in our CSA basket: zuchinni, tomatoes, squash, fresh basil and swiss chard (plus a yellow bell pepper from the store). It was excellent!

I've never made a lasagna that slices perfectly with all the pretty layers. Fortunately, that hasn't affected the taste.

I had to do some digging, but I found John's recipe online. The url was on the recipe he printed, but that website was defunct. Google came to the rescue though, and I found it elsewhere. Bookmark it, pin it or print it - this one's a keeper!

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