Almost Moving

As our summer is coming to an end, I'm living among boxes and eagerly preparing to move. We're still a few weeks away, but my mind is already there, rearranging furniture and picking out paint colors. I've been wandering the aisles of antique shops and home stores for fixtures and antique furniture that will fit my budget and my space.

Mostly, I'm just ready to be in my own space. To walk on my own land, and to plant things in my own dirt. 

My studio is mostly packed up and overrun with tools and paints. I've been refinishing some furniture, and John is building a new chicken coop. All the sewing and drawing projects I was planning have sort of dissolved now. Although I'm expecting a frenzy of sewing after the move. Here are some plans:

from pinterest

  • bed curtains for the girl's bunk bed (and curtains for the whole house)
  • big flannel board and pieces for our school room
  • a quilt for our bed  
  • outdoor cushions for our porch furniture
I also have some building, painting, and decorating plans. Pinterest is making my head spin, so it seems like it may be time to retreat. Hang with me guys, there'll be plenty of fun, sewing, and learning this fall. 


Martha said...

Where are you moving to? What an inspirational photo....I ♥ those cheery curtains, and the little photos, making the space like a tiny room.

Laura said...

Marfa, just across town. We're building a little house on the land we bought a few years ago.

Michelle M. said...

I love that bunk bed! I hope you were or will be able to do just that. How are you projects coming along?

Matushka Anna said...

Oh, you're going to have to show us photos of the bunks when you get them done!