Time Scavenger Hunt Printable

We studied time last year, and this lead to a little printable activity I wanted to share with you. We started with our little clock and our math workbook, but I wanted to do something a little more fun. I made up a quick Time Scavenger Hunt by drawing some pictures of a few things I knew would happen today. When they happened Lou had to write down the time and add hands to the clock. Easy peasy, but lots of fun! Since I made it last year, we've used it again now and then when we needed a refresher.

She wanted to do more so I made up some printable pages. I drew in the drawings, and will let Lou write "when the clock coo coos," "the baby cries," and "lunchtime." You could easily mix it up by writing in the event and letting them draw the picture, or writing in a time, and let them watch the clock to see what's happening when the time rolls around.

I use a .05 copic pen to draw with a nice black line. I made a few variations of the pages, and one includes some reminders for how to read the clock.

Grab the printables below!


Daily Illustration Project: Fool Daily

Well, friends, its time I [nervously] let you in on a little secret. 

I've challenged myself with a daily illustration project. I am attempting to draw a quick comic every morning and post it on Fool Daily. My style is still a little shaky and I'm exploring different subject matter and media, but I'm enjoying the technical challenge! 
I'm trying to keep it fairly simple so I don't fizzle out, but that possibility is always looming. I've waited two weeks before sharing, to give myself a chance to build up a habit.

school hours from Hourly Comic Day
I would be remiss if I didn't mention that much of my inspiration comes from Connie Sun's beautiful daily illustrated status messages. I started following her a couple of years ago after reading about her on NPR, and then this interview on The Rumpus. I wanted to be a cartoonist when I was a kid, but it was one of those things that seemed far away and unrealistic (like being a ballerina or zoo keeper), until I started following Connie. Somewhere along the way, I lost interest in being a zoo keeper, but I still love the idea of drawing comics.

So, I'm making a beginning, hoping to see it improve and flourish! I hope you'll check it out!


Snow Day: Snowfall Chart Printable

We were supposed to get 5-7 inches of snow. We stacked our firewood, bought the kids' long-johns for playing in the snow, and I stayed up late the night before making a snow measurement chart. Yes, of course, snow like this is a learning opportunity, I thought.

And we got 1.4 inches. Boo.

But at least I have an accurate measurement!

We learned how to measure snowfall here. And measured several times throughout the day as the snow continued to fall. We lost interest when our last measurement didn't change. But, the nice thing about printables is that you can use them again! Here's hoping for another snow day! Grab the printable pdf here.



tucked away in the corner of my bedroom last month
I've had various studio arrangements over the years. When I was first married, a large drafting table filled much of the space of our bedroom. After we had kids, I moved my things to the awkward end of our long kitchen. During that time, my studio evolved more and more into a sewing studio, and I collected bins of fabric and notions stacked alongside the map table where I stored my paintings. When I had a big job to do, John and the kids would leave for a weekend at grandma's so I could take over the living room.

There was a brief time, when we moved into the new house, I had an entire room with a door. The closet and shelves and desk were all mine for sewing and painting. [See my pretty portrait in the sidebar?] Oddly it was a year between projects and so I didn't really use it much. And then again things changed, John started working from home, and sometime later we needed another nursery.

So I've been using my table top easel here (bedroom?) and there (kitchen table?) for the last few months.  As the new year begins and I am trying to devote myself to a new project. Oh, I'm so easily distracted. So a new space is in order.

a tidied-up lego-land loft

Our loft has been used for nothing but lego-land for months since we're doing school downstairs. I think lego-land, when kept tidy, might just be an inspiring place to work. My giant crocodile and the girls paintings adorn the space, making it a pretty happy place. So, I've carved out a corner for my old sewing table with the desktop easel nested on top (drawings courtesy of little ones). My own little attic atelier.

a table top easel for a new year and new project

As I'm focusing more on illustration projects and homeschooling, I'm posting more often at Many Mercies than here. You're welcome to join me there, or wait around for me to pop in here. Either way, I'll try to keep you posted when I've got more to share about my latest project.

Happy New Year, friends! May your projects be full of joy and success!


Some days...

Some days you're looking into your public school options... and then some days, homeschooling really does look like this. 


Adventures in Printing

I have prints available of some of my small paintings here or at the link in the sidebar. I've had a crash course this week in scanning artwork, and the geek in me is finding it pretty fun. The print above of St. John Orthodox Church is to scale with the original and shows the rough texture of the canvas and thick paint nicely.

I've included a few oils and watercolors, and a few illustrations as well. Prints can be ordered in several sizes, on greeting cards and a few other products. My Old Testament Timeline is also available here, and I recommend the 17x24" poster.


Bear one another's burdens...Flip Doll Auction!

If you're looking for a way to do a little early shopping while also supporting a family in need, check out the auctions happening at Galatians 6:2. This is a beautiful way to enter the Nativity season! I'm auctioning some items I made for my book Flip Dolls and Other Things that Zip, Stack, Hide, Grab, and Go. Checkout my two listings, and browse the others. You'll purchase the items directly from the maker, and they will forward the money on to the Sheldahl's. Don't want to shop? Please consider helping out the Sheldahls directly on Go Fund Me.

Other items are being auctioned on a regular basis. 

Galatians 6:2 is a group committed to helping those in need through their handicrafts and services. Currently, all the proceeds go to benefit the Sheldahl family: Wes is the breadwinner of the family which includes his wife, Alana, and their four children. He is now a two-year survivor of glioblastoma which is quite miraculous. He has already had chemotherapy, radiation and electric field therapy. Recently, he had brain surgery to remove what tumor they could. This is not a cure, but will hopefully help symptoms and buy more time. This dear family carries an ongoing heavy burden. Please also consider helping out the Sheldahls directly on Go Fund Me.


Advent Countdown Printable

40 Days to Christmas - printable

Last year I made a quick nativity printable to count the 40 days leading to the birth of Christ.  This year, I wanted to make it a bit prettier. My oldest daughter sat down with me and helped me decide just how to make it, and I think we're both pretty happy with it. You'll notice there are 2 versions - one has stars for 40 days, and the other has the usual 25 days. (Orthodox Christians start counting 40 days before Christmas, which is coming up on November 15!) As usual, I can't just do one thing - I also made a black and white version if you want to let the kids color their own.

This works great as a last minute advent calendar if you don't already have one, or to accompany your Jesse Tree readings so you can quickly see your progress. We will put ours on our fridge and probably X, count, or otherwise draw the days as we go. We also used a magnet last year, but it was often knocked out of place, so writing seems to work best. :)

Just grab the png and print. Enjoy!

25 days to Christmas - printable

25 days to Christmas - coloring page

40 days to Christmas - coloring page

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Printable Thanksgiving Cards

I first made these cards several years ago, when I was having a little fun drawing Thanksgiving foods. Recently, our family has been thinking about giving thanks quite a lot. When I put together this study unit during the summer, I spent some time making new thank you cards, and so I also updated these. 

The pdf now includes a pretty full color version, as well as line drawings if you or your kids want to color your own turkey.  You can print just the illustrations with blank inside, or print them front and back with the fill in the blank text for children who may appreciate writing prompts (as mine do). The inside says: "I am thankful for you because_____." These make them a little fun for kids without being as much work as making a whole card from nothing. I print them on heavy weight paper or cardstock so they are just right for dropping in the mail

With all the updates, these have been moved to my shop for a small fee. Find them in the printable cards section.  We'll be keeping our eyes wide open, focusing on thanksgiving this month. I'm thankful for all of you, friends!