Pattern Roundup and some other little bits...

I love Christmas. I mean, who doesn't. But I love the season, I love getting a tree, and cooking, and traveling, the parade, the parties, and making little gifts for the girls. I'm feeling especially domestic today - cleaning house, and making turkey stock and turkey tortilla soup from our Thanksgiving leftovers.

I just want to enjoy this season, so I think I'm done with all my big crafting for the rest of the year - not because of any rules this time. I just feel like it. I will be at Holiday House on Tuesday, December 8. Come out if you're in town - it's always fun, and there will be lots of door prizes.

If you're making Christmas gift this year, I thought I'd round up a list of my tutorials for you. Making a list of all the stuff I've made reminds me that I actually get a lot done, and that makes me feel pretty good. Don't forget you can still add pictures to the wewilsons flickr pool of any of the projects below to get the Smile Crocodile pattern free.

Free Patterns:
Kangaroo Apron
Swatch Frog
Bear Bag (these would make great gift bags for kids!)
Reusable Snack Bag
Knitted Market Bag
Airplane Bag
Spring Cleaning Dust Mitt
Terrariums (fun gifts!)

In the Shop:
Turtle who comes out his shell!
Smile Crocodile
Bunny and Fox Flip Doll an advanced sewing pattern
When Pigs Fly
Secret Messages
Fat Quarter Sling Purse
Fat Quarter Hand Bag
Printable Coloring Book (great stocking stuffer)


bright and blithe said...

Thank you for all the wonderful tutorials. Love your crocodile!

Wendy said...

Thanks for your snack bag tutorial, I've made quite a few, they're all over Juneau!
I joined your flickr group and added a picture....