Airplane Bag

I've been carrying that knot bag for less than a week, but I love it so much! I'm getting ready to go on a trip with my sisters and L in a few weeks, and I kept thinking this would be a great bag for the plane - but it needs a pocket, and it needs to be big enough for L books, and I wonder how it would work with a long strap...

A few bags later, I came up with this airplane bag. I probably wouldn't use it all the time because of the size, but since I've reached the waddling phase of my pregnancy, I think the long wide strap will be great for keeping my hands free when we transfer flights. It's also got three easy access pockets perfect for ID, ipods, and binkies. AND, it has a divider so I don't get my stuff all mixed up with L. Plus, I love the way the knot bag handles close securely when you're carrying it, but easily opens up wide when you put it down.

The pattern can be downloaded right here.


Celia said...

Lovely pattern for a very smart bag!

caitlyn said...


1. super cute bag.

2. it was nice to meet you at St. John yesterday.

3. we should definitely get together and craft sometime when you're in mem... i absolutely love your blog!