Lap Quilt Project

I'm starting a lap quilt project with some friends from my church. We're planning to make two quilts for two ladies at our local nursing home. I'm hoping they'll be finished by Valentine's Day, so we're giving ourselves plenty of time to get it all together. Our quilts will each have 20 - 10" blocks, and a general theme of hearts and love.

The women participating have varying levels of sewing experience so I put together some simple instructions for making four types of blocks: Iron-on applique, Sewn Applique, Embroidery, and Pieced Blocks. I found a surprising number of pieced heart blocks out there - surprising because I don't think I've ever seen one before. Although, with all those angles, I found them pretty tricky to make.

I'm sharing our pdf in case anyone else wants to start a project. If you print it front and back, each page will have instructions for one type of block on the front and some patterns, shapes and ideas on the back. The pieced block instructions are very basic, because each block is different. I think you'll need to already know what you're doing to do one of those.

Click here to download (1.2 MB).

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