Kangaroo Apron Tutorial

L has been kind of into kangaroos lately, and John brought home "Katy No-Pocket" for her after a recent library conference. She loves this book, and it gave me the idea for this little birthday gift. Also, I saw a neat tutorial recently for a child size apron made from a tea towel and ribbon - I can't find this now, but I made mine with that pattern in mind. Anyone know where that is?

I drew up a little pattern for any of you who might have little kangaroo lovers at home, with instructions and a template for the Joey and pocket. Click on the images to enlarge.

Kangaroo apron tutorial

kangaroo apron pattern pieces

The pocket is big enough to tuck her small animals in, but with the little Joey applique they've always got a passenger. I used shiny blue fabric for the back for a little extra color pizazz.


Katy said...

That looks very cute - good job! I have never heard of that book before i think i will need to look it up :-)

Leslie said...

I love the apron! The kangaroo is so cute!

Elangatang said...

Yay Katie No Pocket! We have that too. I love this apron, neat idea.

Sewmarm said...

There's something so appealing about these peek-a-boo pocket ideas. I bet your child loves wearing this around - kids love putting things in pockets!