Make a Weeble Toy

I made these weeble eggs recently. I'd been thinking about trying it for awhile, but I was just sure it would turn out to be harder than I thought - that I would realize you'd need some sort of special shaped metal bearing or something.

But nope. It turns out these are super easy. :)

Give it a try! Here goes:

Find some easter eggs. [The kind with the little bit of plastic keeping the top and bottom together are nice because they will help you keep your drawing lined up neatly after opening. But any kind will do.]

Use a hot glue gun or crazy glue to secure a marble to the bottom inside of the egg. [Be sure the marble is centered on the bottom. If its off center your weeble will lean, like my lion below...]

Use a sharpie to draw on your weeble. [You could probably do something more complicated like paint or glitter-y pens - but the bright color of the eggs contrasted with the black sharpie looks pretty sweet to me, so you might as well keep it simple.]

Aaaaaaaand... WOBBLE!

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Leah said...

What a great idea!! We'll be doing this for Easter. Going to pin it right now so I don't forget!