Spring Pajamas!

I have to preface this post with the disclaimer that I don't usually make clothing patterns - and the main reason is that I really don't know how to convert something from one size to another.  Still I like to sew clothes when I can, and I can't help but love the simplicity of this style of shirt.  So anyway, don't think of this as a pattern so much as a how-I-did-it-maybe-you-can-too.

These pjs were made during a few stolen hours one  Saturday, when I was supposed to be sewing for the book.  I saw this very pink flowery fabric and it suddenly dawned on me - this would be perfect for light spring pajamas! - because, I don't know why, but they love to be extra girly at pajama time. 

I realized (while taking the picture of my unwilling models) that these clothes are a whole lot like the doll clothes patterns I've posted before.  And because that's true, I haven't bothered to draft the pants here.  If you need help, check out my doll clothes pattern, or have a look at Soulemama or Rookiemoms. I always trace a pair of pants I already have.

The shirt is basically a raglan shirt with a really wide neck. You add elastic to make it a normal size with a ruffly kind of look.

The size I drafted below is what I'm calling a 3T. I enlarged it for the older kid, and it seemed a little too big, so then I had to take it up.  So it seems like if you're enlarging you need to add less width than height?  Does that sound right?  Anybody know?

Well, anyway.  The dimensions I used are below, with instructions for the shirt in the photo.  It's super easy (just the way I like it), I made both sets of pjs in only a couple of hours.

And coming soon,  I turned this same pattern into a spring dress set...

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These are precious.

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