In college I started a habit of taking a snapshot of myself at significant milestones.  These were the days before digital cameras that do all the work for you, so most of these pictures turned out blurry, dark or cropped funny.  

I continued doing this after John and I started our family. Thankfully, digital cameras came along, so most of them are at least in focus.  But another important difference is the change in my sense of "self." Today, I get the camera ready, but before I snap the picture, we all smoosh our faces as close together as possible and say, "cheeeeeeese." 

I was thinking of this today, as I pored over our silly photos. I am so grateful to be bigger than just me, to be a part of a family. Its far too easy to take this for granted, and makes me all the more aware of all my various close friends and that bond, too.

Family Portrait on the day we closed on our house!

We still have busy-ness in abundance - but I'm tentatively back to blogging.  Watch for a few patterns and tutorials this spring/summer, and plenty of house building updates!

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Anna @ Blue Dirt said...

Yeah house building updates! I'd like to see other people making progress on their endeavors, might just motivate us to get going too!