Costume Round-Up

Halloween is approaching and I'm too busy to dream up fancy costumes this year.  My mom and I hit the goodwill and found a few fun pieces, and I'll just accessorize.  More about those later.

I wanted to give you a quick round up of my dress up tutorials:

Dress Up Crowns (A variety of easy to sew shapes for princesses, superheroes, fairy queens, and greek gods - you get the idea)
Cat Ears (Use the pattern to make ears for any kind of animal as long as you can draw the ears: dog, bunny, elephant, perhaps?)
Tree Costume (Includes a basic tunic shape that could be lots of things with the right details: an indian dress, a flower stem... Kind of like how a sweat suit can turn into almost any costume.)

And here are some of my favorite ideas from around the web (before I went to goodwill):

This little Zilla Costume from Momincdaily looks time consuming - but it includes a fire-y sippy cup cozy to make the little dragon look like he's breathing fire when he drinks - aah!  J loves dragons and dinosaurs (and her sippy cup), so I'd love to make her a little girly version.

photo from momincdaily

A Daisy Costume from the ever lovely to look at Purl Bee - this was L's favorite idea, before I wimped out on sewing.

photo from Purl Bee

Maybe next year?

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