Cat Ears Tutorial

 I'm planning a mother daughter night soon.  L and I will be going to see the middle school play The Aristocats.  I'm too excited.  I want it to be an over the top girls night, three year old style.  I made these cat ears for L and I to wear to the play, and perhaps to the gelato place afterwards.  J isn't quite ready to sit through a play, but she'll get to wear the ears, too.  Any recommendations for making the night more fun?

I sort of figured out the ears as I went, and it turned out pretty easy.  I think the trick is that the ear fabric needs to be thick so that it will stand up.  I bought our headbands at the dollar store, and they have a fabric cover over them, which also might help hold the ears in place.  I meant to get some that were hair colored, but L liked these bright colored ones and they did seem comfier.  I think they turned out well.  I didn't sketch out a pattern, so you'll have to draw your own ear shape, which I'm sure you can handle.  I think bunny ears would be great, too.

thick fabric, lightweight fabric
head band, matching embroidery floss

1.  Cut 4 ears from a thick fabric like fleece, flannel, or - like mine - an old baby sleeper.  
2.  cut 2 smaller ears for the inner ear.  Fold the raw edges toward the back and iron flat.  Top stitch or hand sew to on of the fleece ears. 
3.  With RSF, sew front and back fleece ears together.  Turn RSO and tuck bottom edges in.  
4.  Place one ear over headband where you'd like it.  Starting on one side from the back, stitch through the bottom edge of the ear, around the headband, and back in the bottom edge. Repeat along the entire bottom edge.  Repeat with second ear.

Hope that's clear enough!  Let me know if you need better pictures.


Anne said...

Very cute! I linked to your tutorial over on Craft Gossip Sewing:


TYRaines said...

Love the ears and the girls look adorable wearing them. My little darling is too grown up for them, but I have a new baby niece who will be getting some of these for Halloween!

Craftiness NOW said...

adorable! i waited too long last Halloween and SO wanted a pair, should have made my own. have a lovely time!

KatieQ said...

The cat ears are adorable. What a clever way to make the event special.