Dressing Up

Dog Mask

We're all costumes around here.  Last time I rearranged the living room (it's a small house, so I'm always rearranging to meet our changing needs), I put a basket of dress up things in the kids corner.  There are tutus, aprons, bandannas, hats, cat ears, and crocheted pinafores.  Having them accessible has made us dig in and put them on almost daily.  Today, I'm adding a few new things.

Cat and Dog Masks

First, Spoonflower is having another themed fabric contest for Halloween masks (go vote for me!).  I couldn't resist, so I joined the fun.  My fat quarter has four masks: bunny, cat, dog and owl.  L has been begging me to make the cat and dog, so I finally did today.  They were pretty easy to whip together.  I put an elastic around the head, but the girls felt a little trapped like that - so I think for the next two, I'm going to leave out the elastic and just sew on some strings so it can be tied on or just held in place.

And Second, I had a good idea for a Halloween costume, and L is pretty excited about it, so we made a trip to Goodwill and got started.  Yes, my little girls are going to be trees.  It's taking everything I have to wait until I finish the costume to tell you all about it, but there will be a full tutorial when I'm done.  Which is good, because I need a good excuse for making their costumes a month early.  This is L holding her branches up sans leaves.

L may be a little confused by all the costumes.  She told me she's going to be a tree for Halloween and she's going to wear cat ears and say meow.

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t sanders said...

She probably said she was going to do that yesterday.