I'm getting a crazy lot of spam in the comments right now.  Stupid, I know.  So I'm turning comment moderation on, which is lame - but there it is. 

Tip for spammers:  people look for enhancement drugs go to the store, not the comments on my blog.  I think. 


Care said...

I've had dozens of those exact comments, but blogger has a new "comment moderation" feature -- and since I started using it I haven't had a single "enhancement" drug spam comment!!

Click on the "comments" tab on your dashboard, then put a check by the spam comments and hit "spam." Done! As long as it's the same couple of profiles commenting repeatedly (mine were) they will GO AWAY! :o) You can check the "spam" list in your comments tab to see if there are any there, but mine hasn't had any in ages.

I really hope that helps! I was JUST about to moderate comments when I made that discovery!! :o)

rilojane said...

aw, man! So much for one stop shopping!

(...sorry you've been bit by the spam-monster lately.)

I don't think the moderation is lame. And it doesn't make your blog less cool.

Laura said...

Care - the spam started about the same time blogger announced the new comment feature. It hasn't been catching any of my spam. :( Yesterday, I had 5 comments in a row on old posts with viagra links, and they were all excepted as normal. What's up blogspot?

Care said...

I used to pretty much ONLY get spam comments on old posts. Usually the same posts over and over. You can still mark the comments as spam after they've been posted!

Lame that it started about the same time blogger was supposedly fixing it! :o(