Mr. Fox

My sister asked if I would make a fox for my nephew for Christmas.  He's been watching a fox in their backyard and calling him Mr. Fox.  Even though Christmas is over 4 months away, I decided to start on the fox right away - I get excited about new projects.  

Anyway, I love how he turned out.  I usually make my little animals small and compact, but I wanted this guy to be really huggable.  So he's long and floppy, and made of oh-so soft linen, stuffed with wool.  I made him a simple little tie to make him more of a Mister.

I decided he'd make a great pattern, so I made a second one just to get all the details right.  Consider this your pattern-giveaway head's up.  I'm hoping to have it finished in the next few days.


Papgena Made It said...

Oh he's awsome!!!
The tie is fun!
In Portugal we have a children's book (well, it ends badly so, maybe it is not exactly a children's book) from Aquilino Ribeiro 'O romance da raposa' ('the fox's novel'). It's about a 'she' fox, from her birth, her struggel to survive. I allways love that book even if she dies in the end to save her babies...so i looked to your fox...and it's perfected!!!

Unknown said...

I love this. I'd be thrilled to see a pattern for him. A-dorable.

Chelsea said...

Aw, very much like the Fantastic Mr. Fox - so cute!