Little Coloring Book Lessons

I made this little coloring book for L to help her learn the Lord's Prayer as part of our home/pre-school.  I saw the idea somewhere else, but thought the graphics were little cheesy, so I just made my own.  I also used all capital letters, because she doesn't recognize lower case letters yet.  She loved it, and is really proud of her little book.  I may have to do this with all of our bible lessons!  I'm getting excited imagining a whole library of tiny little coloring books made by L. 

It's a single page that you color, then fold and cut into a little book.   Download the page here.  You can find directions for folding this kind of zine on ehow.


Sally said...

What a beautiful way to involve and teach your daughter. She's done a marvelous job colouring.

Polly Jones said...

How wonderful! I just downloaded this and also those great bookmarks you did. Thank you for sharing them! If it's alright with you, I am planning on using them for a project with Boys and Girls Club. Btw Louise is adorable.

Laura said...


Polly you can use them however you like. :)

Kh. Patty said...

Oh this is great! I'm going to do this with my girls! Thanks for putting this together. :)