Sketch-wallet Pattern

Sketchbook Wallet

I mentioned this sketchbook wallet last August (has it been that long?) and thought it would be a good-organizy-New-Year's pattern. So here I've put together a quick tutorial for this little sketch wallet. It's a simple little pattern I fit all on one page - isn't that tidy? Click the pattern image at the bottom of the post to download it.

I got these swell moleskine books to start the year fresh. They are a standard size (5.25 x 8.25 in.) and my wallet is intended to fit with this size. Although, it could be easily adapted for a different size.

Sketchbook Wallet

Sketchbook Wallet

Really, I only use this when I leave the house. At home I like to keep my book free of constraints. I've made a bunch of these organizers, and each version gets simpler. I don't want my book to be too laden with supplies - it makes it feel to complicated, you know? I think a sketch book should be easy and inviting. So hopefully, this wallet will keep you supplied without weighing you down.

Sketchbook Wallet Pattern


Anonymous said...

Hi! I so want to make this pattern, but I am having trouble finding the "all sizes" button. Any tips? Thank you so much.

Laura said...

oops, sorry about that - I didn't realize flickr wouldn't let you copy it. You can now click on the image below to open the full size image, then copy or print it directly.


softball players said...

Thanks for the advice I'll make some for my young children to bring their kindergarten pencil