I was satisfied with my last sketchbook wallet until it got pooped on. Ironically, I stuck in under the baby to keep it away from the two year old.

It had a piece of chipboard in it, for sturdiness - which meant I'd have to take it apart to wash it. So, I just made a new one. This took maybe 20 minutes (although I planned it all out the hour before while I sat holding the baby). It's even simpler than the last one, but still holds the same stuff.

I just had the littlest bit of this beautiful vintage sewing fabric left, and I thought this would be a nice use since my sketchbook is half full of sewing ideas. Actually, I still have a few square inches left - so it'll probably pop up as a little applique somewhere.

These are the things I like to carry:
  • a pencil, a clicky pen, a good eraser, glue dots. I know some people like fancy fine point pens, but honestly, those give me the ickies. I like a nice bic ball point pen. Preferably one that clicks.
  • art cards - I have an assortment of postcards I've picked up at museums, some of Amy Karol's art quilt post card, and some cards I made from extra art history text books with my favorites like Vuillard and Byzantine art.
  • an envelope with creativity prompts from Keri Smith
  • craft recipe cards from the small object.
  • small cheap scissors and transparent vellum for cutting and making layers - think photoshop but tangible.
I'd really like to get some fancy markers, since much of what I do now gets scanned into the computer and markers play nicely with the scanner. Any recommendations?

On a side note, I'm resolving to stop saying "a lot." I say it often, and really should have given it up in high school. Nothing like typing your thoughts to make you self-conscious about your vocabulary.


Julie said...

Love your ideas! Inspiring. I hope your week is starting off great.

And in case you want to keep up with the progress...http://7900miles.blogspot.com/

Chara said...

I really want to know if you made it so you don't have to take it apart if it gets pooped on next time.

Just so you know, I love it. This would be a great Christmas gift for me. Hint hint.

Unknown said...

Prismacolor markers. Use a 40% off coupon and score them at AC Moore or Michaels (provided you have those nearby). They're pretty expensive, but far, far better than most.