Snow Ice Cream

Hope all of you in the southern US are enjoying the snow. We're mostly enjoying it from the window since the little ones have the sniffy noses, although we did tromp around a bit.

If you still have any clean snow in your yard, you may want to try snow ice cream. My sister blogged about this during the Christmas blizzard, and I thought I would second that. My mom made this for us when we were kids, and as I am typing this I'm wondering how a person would learn such things before the internet.

But, I digress. I don't have a formal recipe, although I found one here. I worked it out through trial and error, so here's my best guess: Collect a medium size mixing bowl full of fresh, clean snow. Add 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 TBSP of vanilla, and stir. Then add milk until you have the right consistency, about 1 cup. It's best to just eat it up right away, I think.

On a side note, my camera decided to only focus on things really close for awhile, which is why all the pictures are blurry. This happened during Christmas as well. After a time, and certainly not by my efforts, it just went back to normal. Anybody know why?


Anonymous said...

well, I don't know what kind of camera you have, but if you have an Aperture Priority setting (usually there will be a little wheel or something with settings labeled P A T M or some such, A = Aperture Priority) and it defaulted to the widest aperture you have on your camera. A wider aperture (forgive me, I don't know how much you know about photography) means that the hole that lets the light in is bigger, but it also means that your range of focus is more narrow and the distance away that you can focus becomes shorter. I've done this by accident as well, accidentally set the aperture really wide and everything but one edge of one box close to me is out of focus.

It can be really charming (google "bokeh") but when you want the whole scene to be in focus it's just annoying. :P

Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

My daughter would love this because she likes eating snow!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Heffner said...

Our family loved this! My husband and daughter eat the snow anyway and now they have my permission to go ahead : )

jen at paintcutpaste.com said...

i did a post on this a couple of weeks ago, too, but with our family secret recipe... shhh...
enjoy! it's soooo yummy!