Easy Baby Toy

I made this for J because she didn't really have many gifts. I saw a tutorial for this some time last year, and I can't find it now. I'm pretty sure the original was a heart, and I think I saw it on WhipUp - anyone know where it is?

It looks complicated, but it's so easy to make, it really only took about an hour. I made mine in the shape of a kitty, although in retrospect, a simple shape would have been better. I filled two parts with wool, and the other two with dried peas because I thought she would enjoy the different textures.

I'll keep looking for the tutorial, and add it if I find it...


Anna said...

sew4home had something similar today I think.

Laura said...

ha, that does look similar:


the cat shape especially maakes it look a like. although I think this toy is easier. The tutorial I saw was many months ago - maybe around valentine's day?