Pulled Candy

John and I have a little saying that helps us keep our life simple: "What would Pa Ingalls do?"

Okay, since neither of us have read the Little House on the Prairie books (although we totally plan to), I must confess that when we ask this, we picture Michael Landon and his big friendly smile.

But still. It's a good way to remind us that just a few generations ago, people lived much simpler lives. They grew and canned their own food, they made their own soap, they lived in very cute small houses with a loft. And they made their own candy.

So, my sweet tooth and I decided to get in touch with the simple life and make some pulled maple syrup candy from this really cool book my sister gave me. It's full of interesting history about America and food and the Ingalls' experiences. My candy turned out pretty good, even though I didn't do it quite right. But I'm sure Karen Grassle messed up a time or two as well. I plan to try again in the near future.

Here's the fonz, letting me know the candy is ready to be pulled. Now that's something Pa Ingalls didn't have.

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mtnman said...

So I learned the other day how Little House ended the series. Apparently when things get really bad, Pa would just blow everything up.