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my to do list:

my To-Day list:

I don't know if this will really make a difference, or if it's just another excuse to make another something - but it made me happy. And it only took 10 minutes. Just fold your to do list in half, slip it in the slit, and suddenly you have freed up your day to focus on one project - but you still have all your other ideas recorded and tucked away. Like horse-blinders. Okay, this isn't a great idea for your do-the-laundry-go-to-the-doctor kind of list, but it's great when your projects list is overwhelming you - like mine tends to do. Draw your own - or go to flickr and print mine.

John's best tip is to finish up some small projects to get them out of the way and off your mind. I did that last weekend. Here are the last of my bible school felt people. Adam and Eve, and some other people to be used in other stories. Have I said how fun these are? I need to make L her only little set - with a fold up doll house or something. (putting idea on list and tucking it away.)

And here is L wandering around the yard with my shiny blue bag. Just because.

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Elangatang said...

I really like your project list idea. I definitely get very overwelmed too. Currently I'm working on a sock monkey for a soon to be born niece (J's brother), and in the midway through file I have a car play mat for Raleigh (hope to have it for xmas), some dish towels to applique, and a wool skirt (started about 6 yrs ago) from an old pair of sailor pants. Oh, also a baby quilt for a now 6 yr old, and a baby quilt for Raleigh. Of course, I guess every half-finished project doesn't have to be in the "in the works" category, or we'd really get discouraged! My "hope to get to start soons" are: a bathrobe for myself, towels/pot holders for xmas, and a simple full sized quilt. Thanks for letting me make my own list! Now I need your tunnel-vision matic to keep me from flitting between them all!