Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures pink colorway

This is my latest set of Spoonflower designs. Spoonflower has been adding a lot of new features lately as they prepare to open the marketplace. My favorite new feature is this collection sampler. You can print up to 12 swatches in a sampler for only $15. This makes proofing your designs so simple, and way more cost effective (previously 12 swatches would have cost $60).

Update: Stephen of Spoonflower commented to clarify that samplers are still only available to the beta testers. Sorry for the misinformation - just one of many good things to come from Spoonflower!

Sea Creatures  detail

Here is the same set of designs but with the color scheme required for the Spoonflowers "fish and colors" design challenge. I wasn't crazy about these colors, until I made black the background, and then it seemed to come together. (oops, there's a little coloring mistake in the sea horse's tail - good thing I proofed it first!) Go vote for my octopus!

When I began these sea creatures I tried about 20 color ways before I was happy. Ultimately, I think I had pink and orange in mind when I drew them. Here are a few others I tried - John liked these best.

If your collection is all one colorway, it seems it is just asking to be made into a simple swatch quilt. I'm thinking of making a little one with my pink and orange swatches. (adding it to the list, the tucking it away.)

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Stephen said...

Laura, at the moment 'collections' is still available just to a small group of beta testers (including you). We should roll it out for everyone in January!