Tip Jar

So, a week ago, I evaluated how I'm doing with balancing motherhood with making and designing. I saw that I wasn't doing well and tried to get back on track. Today, I realized I did it again. Suddenly, I've got three projects spread out on my work table again. sigh.

The first week, when this was the "no new projects" project, I felt relieved to take a little time off. Maybe there was something to that.

I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this. I gave myself three months to try to set some boundaries and bring a little peace and balance to my life. Somehow, I don't think three months is long enough.

I'm taking tips.


Rachel Locke said...

I'm learning that part of being a good balancer, is rolling with the flow. You need to have boundries set up, like you have been talking about. But you also need some flexibilty in there. Some days may give you a littl extra time. Some may give you less. Some days you may need complete time off. Some days hubby may say I'll play with the the girls you sew. Maybe you work better with several projects going at once. Its not about how many you do at one time, but how much time you spend each day.
Does any of that make any sense?

LunaMoonbeam said...

Ugh...what a very STICKY subject. I've found that the best thing, for me, is to set up a schedule. In the morning, while the kids eat breakfast, it's time to read and answer e-mails, blog comments, etc. After breakfast, while they play, it's my Crafting time. I can sew, cut, list items in the shop...whatever. Nap time is time to read blogs - it's the quietest thing I can think of, and it's my treat. The afternoon is for taking photos for the blog, making dinner, tidying up the house...

That's WAY simplified, but it's what's worked for me.

The Crafty Panda said...

It's a constant struggle to balance. I also try to stick to a schedule and set aside certain times for crafting - while the kids are busy with something else. Other times are pure kid time - trips to the park, bike rides. The rest of my time goes to hubby and home details. Right now I'm too busy for me time, but try to schedule 5 minutes everyday for Mommy Inspiration.

Best wishes!