Make It Work

Just a note: I've decided to change the name of my project since I've changed all the rules. Is it weird to change the name a month in? Nah, it's all about what works, right? Exactly.

I now dub you (and change all the old posts to match because that's just tidy) the Make It Work Project

There are a large number of women talking about balancing motherhood with art/craft/work pursuits, women also called momtrepeneurs or WAHMs. I suppose it is a pretty hot topic now. I love the way OffbeatMama puts it: "We support mothers integrating their pre-kid identities and lifestyles into their post-kid realities."


t sanders said...

Did you know that "Make it work." is a huge key term used on the show project runway. I keep seeing the flaming Tim Gunn in my mind's eye when I see that.

It's a great theme though and I'm glad you found one that compliments where you are in your search for your ever evolving self.

Rachel Locke said...

I am also a stay at home mom who crafts. I also home school 2 of my 4 kids. I am struggling with some of the same things you are. reading your blog has helped. And remind me that I am normal (well mostly).
Keep up the good work.