Make time

In the past, I just worked whenever I could find a spare moment. I think this is a mistake, but not only for the obvious reason. It's true that it's hard to find time to work if you don't make time. But what I also found true, is the time that should have been devoted to being a mommy, or cleaning house, or whatever was always diminished because I was looking for that spare moment.

I think this may be the single most detrimental thing that my crafting does to my mothering. It steals my attention.

So last week, we decided to schedule a specific time for my crafting. Not very much time, but it is time that I'm guaranteed to have. I also have nap time (and I'm a lucky mommy of two good nappers), but if nap time doesn't work out, I don't get so frustrated because I know later I will have one guilt-free, uninterrupted hour.

It's much better to live in the moment instead of in the spare moment. It leads to days like today, when I feel like a good mommy, a neat housekeeper, and a pretty clever designer - all in the same day.

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Anonymous said...

WOW, couldn't have found the words better myself. feel the same way and def. gonna give this a try. Live in the Moment, it's hard to do as a mom, when your mind is always racing about with the things that need to be done. enjoy, the little monsters grow up much faster than u can imagine