Nature Walk Coloring Book

Eek! My first drawing project in quite some time. I've really enjoyed playing around and making these little drawings. This is a collection of 18 line drawings of things you might find on a nature walk like caterpillars, acorns, rainbows, and fireflies; each with a little fact. I've put it together into a 24 page coloring book, that measures 6.5 x 5.5" It is printed on 100% recycled paper, except for the cover, which is 80 or 30% - I already forgot! I thought this would be a fun project for me to make, and a nice stocking stuffer for all the kids we're related to.

I'll be putting a few books in the shop, and also a printable coloring book which includes the pages of coloring book, along with instructions for assembly, as well as 18 full page coloring sheets, which would be great for class settings.

I'm thinking of making a larger size book, if there is any interest. It may be around soon. But not in any rush, since this is the first of two in the No New Projects Project. :)


Tobia said...

Oh, I like this. I have been to your site a few times and I always leave with ideas. I made something like this (not at all as beautiful and well put together) as a scavenger hunt activity for some long walks that required a lot of stroller time for my 3 year old. Thanks for sparking ideas!

Kelly said...

I love the illustrations.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you've corrected these already but you need a letter "a" in front of the word "NEST" and a butterfly never emerges from a cocoon, only moths do. Love your drawings and hate to see your book tarnished with typos or bad science!

Laura said...

There were two typos that have been corrected (I forget what the second one was now). I still need to change cocoon to "chrysalis" - thanks for the heads up!