The No New Projects Project

J is 3 months old. I look at the last 3 months, especially at all of the crafting I've done and I realize I've gotten out of balance again lately. I was supposed to be taking a break - but I've currently got 4 projects going, and a list of 8 new ones I'd like to start. I keep finding myself frustrated that I don't have more time to work on them.

But these are precious months when my baby is learning to laugh and sit up, and my little girl is learning her ABC's. These are happy times, and I don't want to miss them.

It seems like the right time to start a new project:

The No New Projects Project.
Silly, yes. But I am so much more on task when I have set rules. So here goes:
1. I will finish the two bigger projects I am currently working on within 2 weeks, and let the other two go for awhile.

2. I will start no new projects for 3 months (until December 14).

3. Any drawing or sewing I do during the 3 months will be solely because I have down time and I feel like drawing or sewing.

I need to get back in balance. Making used to be fun and not stressful. Mothering used to be my primary job. I need to get back there for awhile. I'm actually not sure if this is a commitment I can keep. But I need to try, I think. Then reassess when the three months are over.

I'll post about the two projects I'm completing when I get them done. One is the flip doll I've hinted about - and the other is a drawing project that makes me very happy. I can't wait to show you.

Tell me, how do you balance the many aspects of your life?

*October 8, 2009: After, a few weeks, I remembered making and crafting is a good thing. And since I believe it can be compatible with being a mother - and that's what this is really about - I renamed the project the Make It Work project. Just so you know.


Melodie said...

:) Your slowing down sounds like my busy! It's a good idea to step back and examine anything in your life if you don't feel comfortable with it. That's when you can really discover those things that are important to you. If you don't tell yourself to do it, no one else will. Great inspiration can come in those 'quiet' times, too. Good for you.

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

I wish I could find the time for more sewing. I'm still a beginner, having just acquired my machine from Grandma last Christmas, and I gobble up any minutes I get to sit behind it and fiddle.
My son was born on June 19th. He's growing so fast. I keep finding projects I wish I had started when I was pregnant. Sweet baby things he'll be too big for before I can manage to finish.
Your blog has inspired me to live more simply. And encourages me to try and look at the world differently. Sincerely, thank you.

Elangatang said...

Hey there,

This is so weird, because I was just thinking to myself after seeing your (amazing, by the way) george and the dragon flip doll, "I'm worried Laura is going to have a melt down, how can she possibly do all this with a 3 month old and toddler. Is she getting any sleep?" I'm so impressed, but can understand how easy it is to get imbalanced. I think your new project sounds great. One way I try to stay balanced is by not giving up sleep for artistic pursuits or sewing, or house work for that matter. It may just be me, but I need sleep and all else comes unglued if it's wonky. And, June is so cute!