Spoonflower Swatches and Purchases

I'm digging the new Spoonflower Marketplace, which is still in beta - but it's coming soon to all, I hear. I bought these two lovely prints Retro Pattern by susiewe and Apples by snork from other individual designers. I know I said I was looking for small prints - and I didn't choose small prints. There were so many lovelies to choose from, and some I'm regretting not getting. I just had to make a choice - and look at these! Great. I haven't made plans for them yet - I'll need to find just the right fat quarter project...

Here are my two flying pig prints:

The pink was a little darker than expected - which will be a simple fix with my updated spoonflower swatch. But I still love it anyway. I think I might like the pink print to be even smaller - so I may update that, too.

Plus, a few weeks back, Spoonflower had free swatch day, and I took the opportunity to print a couple of designs I hadn't tried yet, on some of their new fabrics. The sheep are on organic cotton knit, which has a surprisingly strong feel, and the fitonia leaves are on the bamboo/cotton/rayon blend which feels so nice and would be great for a blouse.
(In case you're wondering - I'm planning on using the sheep swatch for a couple of bath mitts for two little girls for Christmas - just stitch it to a washcloth in mitten shape and cut it out.)

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