Chintzy Turtle Bandanna and Flying Pig Wall Paper?

I'm sure you know, since I've gone on and on about Spoonflower, that I loved designing my last set of prints. Whoa, fun.

But the learning curve is steep. One big thing I learned is that, even though I like my fabric, it isn't the kind of print I usually work with. Usually, when I'm doing patchwork, quilting, or making a stuffed animal, I like a print - but I want a single dominant color with an overall design. I grabbed a couple of examples. Here you can see some of my favorite vintage prints that I've used in my little animals:

I love the teeny red flower print - any tiny flower print usually makes me happy. And this pink (okay, that picture is hardly readable, but I had to give it a try!), is a little bigger print, but one dominant color and simple geometric design.

Also, I was thinking about the different kinds of repeats. I never use the mirror repeat, and usually I hate the way it looks. I like an all over pattern, so I think the mirror repeat spoils the all over balance. But I started thinking about what kinds of prints would work with the mirror repeat - and as I started to doodle, something really cool started to happen: my irregular doodles became geometric designs. It reminded me of a bandanna, or those neat old fuzzy wallpapers.

So here' s what I've been working on. I'm still in the tweaking phase. To see them in repeat, you'll have to click on the image, then below the image select "view in repeat." Be sure to choose mirror repeat - although these look nice in some of the other repeats as well.

Turtle Bandanna

When Pigs Fly

What do you think? Do you like the mirrored repeat, or an all over pattern?


Lydia said...

I love both of them in a basic repeat!

K said...

The turtles do look like a bandana on mirror repeat. I love the turtles on a basic repeat!

Karen said...

Love the pigs in basic repeat.
SELL me some!