slowing down

I've had this plan to be crafty-productive like crazy until the baby comes: baby stuff, L's birthday presents, and stocking up my shop. This was all going to allow me to take a stress-free break from it all after our new little one arrives.

I'm finding this week that the slowing down is going to have to happen a lot sooner. I'm learning that nap time is really best used for naps, evenings are for water aerobics, and staying up late just isn't what it used to be. And we have to sweep the floor sometime in between.

I still have some sweet birthday presents in the works, and plans to share those patterns - so look for that next week. In the meantime, check out this neat shop: Palumba. I bought L one of their child's brooms for her birthday. I'm still a little early on the birthday, so I'm going to have to hide it and my excitement for another month!

photo by Palumba


Nikki said...

It's amazing how the tired pregnant body takes over the active pregnant mind!

The brooms look beautiful. Is the present so Louise can 'help' you or will it come with a witch's hat..??

Laura said...

The broom is for helping mommy clean house, she already steals my broom - so I think it might really help for her to have her own!

thanks, dad. We're looking forward to seeing you guys, too.