Giraffes and more Giraffes!

I had an idea several weeks ago to turn my giraffe pattern into one of those cheesy craft panels. I always love the look of the fabric with all the directions on them, and since I'm in love with Spoonflower I had the perfect means to do it.

They arrived this week and are in the shop now!

I haven't made one from the panel, although I'm curious to see how it would look. Probably the way it looks when they make an action figure toy based on a real person. I might make one myself, but haven't decided yet, since I'm distracted by other giraffes!

After drafting my giraffe pattern, I got the bug to make some. I finished one last night,and I have three more pinned together. In the spirit of the Orange Curtain Project they are all made from sweet vintage fabrics and other scraps. I am imagining having a whole herd of giraffes to pose and photograph - but they'll probably end up in the shop after that.


Judy S. said...

These are really cute! I love stuffed animals.

Claire said...

Zoe NEEDS that pink giraffe! Will you email me when it's in the shop?