Knot Bag

I don't really make bags that much, it's just that every so often I decide I really need a different one. I saw this tutorial for a Japanese Knot Bag yesterday and thought this was just what I needed. I cheated a little, though. Since I had about 18 other things I should be doing, I just eyeballed the pattern, and then I left out the cute round bottom. Instead I just sewed the bottom shut and squashed the corners (I'm sure there's a name for that). Also, I made it a bit larger than the pattern since my purse usually doubles for a diaper bag. I think it's probably the best bag ever. I could even see it being a market bag, maybe if it was a little bigger.

Today, I got back to the stuff I was supposed to do, like cleaning out the cabinet that will hold the new baby's clothes. L helped me repurpose one of the boxes in the cabinet.

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