10 Uses for Your Fabric Swatches

With my latest Spoonflower swatches arriving, I thought I'd share the love a little and link to some other blogger's tutorials. Each of these tutorials are great projects for your swatches (or scraps)! Some of them will require two or more swatches, or you may have to shrink the pattern just slightly to make it work with an 8 x 8 swatch - but they're all pretty close.

1. coasters
2. quilt squares for quilt blocks
3. coffee press cozy
4. hot pads
5. child size bath mitt
6. a small garland
7. door knob ornament
8. dish soap apron
9. snap box
10. fortune cookie

Since my favorite fabric was designed from my living room window I wanted to be able to enjoy the print in my living room, so I a very simple coaster - just some batting sandwiched between two layers of fabric and topstitched.

Next time I make a pdf tutorial, I'll try to keep the file size small so it doesn't overload my bandwidth! Thanks again for all the interest - now go check out some tutorials!

1 comment:

Chara said...

These coasters are a great idea! I had some hard plastic ones that someone gave me and Jonah used them to put scratches in my coffee table. I think I found my next project!