New Spoonflower Swatches

I got some swatches in the mail yesterday - it feels like Christmas!

These first two: Leap Frog and Duck Duck Goose, turned out well. The color of the duck's feet printed yellow when I intended it to be orange, but the rest of the colors are as expected. Since these colors are lighter than the fat quarter I ordered, I noticed how thin the fabric is this time. I guess it's pretty normal for a quilting cotton - but I would like to see spoonflower offer a heavier fabric, too.

I really liked how these prints turned out, but as I tried to think what I might use them for, I realized I wouldn't. I would never buy this fabric in the store because I'm not usually into children's prints. And these are so specific. Somebody else might use them, but I probably wouldn't. Not the kind of thing I was expecting to learn from my swatches, but it'll help me make better designs in the future.

These two I love! By the time I designed these, I'd gotten some tips from Kimberly Fraser at Spoonflower (they're so helpful) about color. So I'd checked my colors with proof colors and gamut warnings on photoshop, and all of these colors turned out as expected. I'm still thinking about ordering a color swatch though.

This is my favorite design. It's my grandmother's jade plant hanging in my living room window. The thing I learned from this print is that I really like the way my drawings translate to print. I was afraid they'd look too amateur since they're just scanned drawings, but I think the lines turned out really beautiful. I'm thinking of developing this into a whole fabric line - which I've never done before. But I'm definitely looking forward to giving it a try.

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