Bunny Revamped

I have this bunny that my grandmother made for me when I was little, and L has really taken to it lately (See her sharing her sippy). It's looking a little sad because it's elastic is all stretched out, so I decided it to give the bunny a little make over.

First, I carefully snipped out the old neck elastic and the worn lace (does anyone else have trouble keeping up with their seam ripper? I mean, where is that thing?). When I did the pattern became really obvious - it's basically just a T with a little neck. The elastic in the neck gives the dress it's shape. What a great idea for when you need a little doll dress in a jiffy (and who doesn't?).

I had this handmade bias tape on hand from that phase I went through last year when I decided I must make all my own bias tape. I whipped the bias tape on and put some fresh elastic in the neck. Then I used a little scrap of bias tape for an ear bow. Snazzy!

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