No, I'm on vacation. Really.

Okay, our departure has been delayed by one day. So, I had all my stuff together, and my little glove animal just waiting to be sewn up... I whipped him together before dinner. Really, the whole thing, handstitched, took an hour - maybe. I've never made a sock/glove animal before, so I didn't know, but it turns out it's pretty simple (this should encourage those of you who haven't started yet). Since he was such a quick make, after dinner, I took a little time to make him some accessories. I want him to be a surprise, so I'll just give you a little peak now.

Also, L and I were watching the "birdies", and I just had to share - if I can get this thing to upload. My first exposure to hummingbirds was at my Granny's breakfast table. We would watch all morning, and when one came to the feeder by the window, everyone would hold their breath. I always thought they were skittish.

Imagine my delight to hear a constant hum on our front porch where a handful of hummingbirds fight for their spot at the feeder. They aren't the least bit shy, buzzing past our heads when we're on the porch. I wish I could have Granny over for breakfast. I also wish my video had sound because these guys sound like a racetrack!

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