We are leaving for our vacation tomorrow, so you won't hear from me for a little while. I thought it would be great to finish all my orange projects before we left, but I didn't get to any of those this week since I had a sling order, play group, the craft swap, and packing and cleaning to do. Oh well, 20 down, 5 to go!

Speaking of the craft swap: we have six participants, and the project is underway. Remember to take pictures of your projects and put them in the mail around July 29!

I've got all the ingredients for my project packed up in my bag, ready to make in the car. After I saw Julie's cool market bag at play group yesterday, I also had to throw in some knitting needles and yarn to start working on this pattern. I like the lace in this pattern, but I'm going to change the handles to make them look more like Julie's reusable bags string bag. (Julie's been very inspiring lately!)

Also, I made L some banana bread sticks so she'd have something healthy to eat in the car. Then I also found these just veggies, and I've decided freeze dried may very well be the best way to get your veggies.

If you're terribly bored without my blog to read this week, hop over and read Chara's blog and Whitney's blog (two of our swap participants).

I'll leave you to meditate on this picture from my summer folder:

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Chara said...

I love the string bag!! I fi beg a lot will you show me how to make one???