Mystery Solved - sort of

I posted a drawing of a toy I had as a kid last year hoping someone would recognize it and remember it, and maybe tell me where I could get one. Truth be told, you guys really weren't much help. But when I came home from vacation, I had an email waiting form a girl who saw my post on Dr. Toy and told me she had this toy!

I was very excited (and relieved that I'm not just crazy). The toy has Hasbro Playskool markings from 1982, but neither of us know what it's called. Did anybody else have this? Anyone know where I can get one (no luck on ebay).

It's so totally cool. I've been imagining all the different arrangements and combinations of pieces ever since she sent me the pictures. (Thanks, by the way!)

aside: the picture of the drawing in the original post is missing, as are all of my pictures from before last november. when i unexpectedly switched back to blogger, I lost all the pictures I had posted on my old domain and I haven't bothered to upload them all again. You'll have to use your imagination.

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Chara said...

Wow- I can't believe that someone knew what that was. I remember it but I have no idea what we called it (if anything).

BY the way, my swap stuff is finished. I only cut up 4 pairs of gloves and had to wash it once. I'm so proud of me!