Orange Number 11, and, quick - Number 12, too!

Okay, I had this little zippered pouch in mind because I had this extra zipper lying around. I had intended to make it for etsy, but I put it together so poorly, and the sewing machine is having fits with the rubber backing on the curtain - so it turned out functional but not all that cute. Oh well, it has a pretty lining.

Then this morning John was trying to get the squash bugs off of his zuchinni. The problem? His gardening gloves were too thick to handle the delicate leaves. He considered using a plastic baggie, but he thought it was too thin - he didn't want to have to "feel" the bugs. I happened to have the right weight fabric on hand, and in five minutes we had the perfect squash-bug-squashing-mitten. Ta da!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I think you can sew with tissue paper between the rubber and your machine, then tear it away later.

Laura said...

ooh, thanks, whitney. What a good tip!

Also, my thread keeps breaking when I'm going through several layers. I think it may be a tension problem, which is the bane of my sewing existence. I put a larger needle on the machine. Any other ideas?