Friday Archives

I wanted to participate in the Friday Archives this week. So, this is part of a piece I did for my senior show in college. I hung large knitted pieces against stretched fabric - it incorporated several themes, but visually it was a nod to the color fields of Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko via fiber arts.

I soaked each knitted piece in rabbit skin glue so that they became stiff before finally hanging them on their stretched fabric in the gallery. Now, I think that was pretty unnecessary, because they hung just fine by themselves. But this image is of one of those hanging in the studio before the show.

It was titled, "Woman," which was a referenceto de Kooning's women, where I gathered the color scheme for this particular "painting."

Looking at it now, I love the shape and form away from the frame of the stretcher. At the time, I was still thinking of my art in the context of painting, and so I thought that it needed the structure of the color field to stand in, but now I see that the craft, perhaps, has enough weight to stand on it's on (metaphorically speaking).

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