Orange Numbers 13 and 14: Belt and Doll

I was thumbing through some of my supplies looking for ideas, when I saw two d-rings. I had already cut the hem off of the curtains thinking it would be better to take advantage of the crease than try to iron it out. So, here was the perfect use. One d-ring belt, 54" which may be a little long, I guess. It has contrasting blue lines sewn the length of the belt for a little extra detail.

Then, I wanted to make L a doll using the black apple doll pattern with a few modifications. I used orange wool yarn for the hair, then felted it and tried to fluff it up a bit - this only sort of worked. This is the first "person" doll I've made in a long time, and I thought it was fun. I think I'd like to do it again, a little better this time. Technically, it has very little of the orange curtain in it - it started out with more, but it was slowly whittled away for the sake of the final project (and maybe my sanity - I'm beginning to get weary of orange!). Anyway, I make the rules, so it counts.

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