Oh the Last Bumper Sticker

So, as I mentioned, our last bumper sticker gave us away. Here are some of the variations we considered. John made all of these; however I made him go with the one you see first because I was afraid the others would make Warren realize it was us. I guess I didn't worry enough.

Warren cut off the tip of his pointer finger in his food processor a year or so ago. (He's actually a really good cook, and has lots of fancy kitchen gadgets such as this apparently sharp food processor.) The irony is that he regularly teaches wood shop safety to art students. (I think Chara can relate to sticking her finger into a kitchen appliance.)

We had some other ideas, but I'm not sure we'll use them now...


Jeremy Marshall said...

I once cut some of the tip of the ring finger on my left hand in a meat slicer in the Kroger deli when I worked there.

Also, I'm afraid of Mustache John. I still love him, but I'm afraid.

I had a strange dream the other night that Cliff Thompson had a mustache. And a bowl cut. But I think you might have heard about that already.

Chara said...

Shave! Shave!!!

Can I get her to come paint my walls like that? it's kind of cool.

By the way- we're looking at wall colors at my office to paint some accent walls. everything is white right now. We've chosen the following colors:
Cherry Divine- (red obviously)
Ocean Sigh- (a dark turquois color)
and Sea Grass- (Martha Stewart Green)

Holly and I had many discussions about the color wheel- which I now have posted on my wall next to my desk... wait... I'm getting deja vu...


Anonymous said...

Oh that is so funny...I like the bumper stickers as a series, because it looks like the food processor came to life, ate his finger, and then he jerked his hand away and the f.p. went back to inertia. Really, really funny to imagine.

I've got to disagree with one of your statements though. "Warren teaches wood shop safety"...I'll never forget him shooting a staple across the room and then saying, "Never do that by the way."

Unknown said...

mustache...john...aha aha aha, rotfl... oooh my. rotfl again. =)

kate said...

John looks like a cheesy Mexican.

That bumper sticker cracks me up.