We got a new kitty last week (inconveniently just before my family came for a visit). Willem is four months old, and very easy going. Daisy is still getting used to the idea of having another cat around.


Chara said...

He is very cute-
I'm sure Daisy is just trying to figure out her place. Once she realizes that her territory is still hers, I'm sure she'll be fine.

Where did you get him? DId you find him somewhere or did you intentionally go get a cat?

Laura said...

we got him from the Humane society.

Daisy has already improved a lot. She was one constant growl when we first brought him home, but last night she was close to playing with him - she wanted to, she just didn't want to give in yet.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhh....oh he's precious! *goes to snuggle my kitty that's not little anymore*

kate said...


Mom said you named him for an artist--who?

I have a suspicion Adam is finally going to give in to me and bring home a white kitty for me for V-day. That's all I want, you know, not flowers, candy, jewelry--no, as I have repeatedly told him, I want a white cat.

Oh, and when we got our first two kitties (Koshka and Pretzel) they fought for a week. Then, in tears, I prayed that God would make them get along. I am quite serious when I say that the next morning they were PLAYING TOGETHER!

God has always answered my prayers in regards to my cats, it seems.

Anonymous said...

Good ole' Willem Dafoe. I liked him in The English Patient.

Laura said...

Willem is named for Willem De Kooning, of the early 1900's abstract expressionists. One of my favorite paintings, Excavation, is in Chicago, which I saw with John the first time we dated.

I can't imagine Koshka and Pretzel fighting! Last time we saw them, they were licking each other.

We left Daisy and Willem alone together for the first time on Friday. They were both alive and well when we got home. I wish Daisy would play with him. Willem keeps jumping on her in desperate attempts. We shall see.