Terri Jones

Terri Jones did an installation in our little gallery here. She's a memphis artist who has shown internationally, and everyone in Memphis gushes over her. I met her while she was working on the installation, and she really is that great. She was so approachable; John and I thought she was like Polly Jones.

Anyway, her talk was last thursday. I was in charge of taking photos - no I wasn't trying to be artsy, the lighting was low, and without a tripod i just couldn't get any good photos.

She showed some examples of other work she's done. Her work is often about a line. An article about her (by Cory Dugan in the Commercial Appeal) said, "Logic and mathematics teach us that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. but that's true only if the two points are on a flat plane. On a sphere the line would be an arc. If the two points exist in time (and supposing one could actually draw a line in four dimensions), the line might take a circuitous and somewhat organic path."

Her work in the past (the Power House show) deals with the idea of a line, but also about space, how we function in space, and our awareness of space. So, often she draws/makes lines that are created by the space they are in, or influenced by space.

Her work is really beautiful and clean. One thing she spoke about that I especially like was the desire in artmaking to reuse things rather than putting together more junk to fill up space - a sentiment I share in life, though I'm not sure my art follows.

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