check out this neat site I've just come across:

For a long time now, (as I may have mentioned before) female artists have raised the level of long time "women's" crafts, to the higher status of art. Also, much contemporary art participates in activism. This exciting site suggests the combination of the three in Craftivism!

She wrote her masters thesis on the role of knitting in today's culture, what caused it's ebb and flow. Neat-o!


mtnman said...

I also like Festivism, or the celebration of Festivus.

kate said...

I haven't taken down my Festivus Pole yet. Sometimes I leave it up till March.

Anyway, if you have Stitch n Expletive Deleted, Debbie Stoller talks about this--about the fact that feminism shouldn't denigrate traditional women's crafts, because when it does it's saying women are only good if they act like men. Good stuff to think about.

I was watching CSI once (I don't usually) and one of the female characters was worrying about losing her job. She said, "What'll I do if I stop working? Knit?" I was quite insulted. (I'm offended! Call the advertisers!) But then she's from the older generation that does denigrate trad. women's crafts. . . .