Among our New Year's Resolutions, John and I are trying to take a more active role in our health and try to eat specific foods for our bodies needs (like MonoUnsaturated Fats and Fiber - thank you, Tara). Tara gave me an old nutrition text book of hers, which we use regularly. So in order to help us stick to this, and just for general organization, we developed a weekly meal plan (This was John's idea, I resisted for a while because I like to be uncommitted). We've developed this schedule:

Monday: Fish night
Tuesday: Asian Food
Wednesday: Italian
Thursday: Mexican
Friday: traditional meat main dish meal (like mom's chicken and rice, parmesian chicken, meatloaf, or whatever, with plain old veggies on the side)
Saturday: left overs, eat out or "other"
Sunday: crockpot day (which will primarily be soup since John loves it, and I rarely think to make it).

I make no claims for how long this will last, but so far it's been fun to plan out meals in advance.(which also helps with the shopping). We've also mixed up the nights already, based on bean burrito cravings (which are full of trans fat at Taco Bell, but good-for-you-ish when I make them). We've gotten the chance to try to new recipes that've been hanging around too, like Broccoli Beef and Pesto! (not at the same time)


Anonymous said...

Hey now, don't make me [husband] sound like a dweeb by making me the scapegoat for the whole food night thing. I thought it was silly too, until I realized it was the only way to get soup in my belly on a weekly basis.

Laura said...

please, you've been suggesting it since we got married, mr. more orderly than me.

kate said...

oh, I remember when I made the discovery that planning meals in advance makes shopping easier. I think I'd been married a year and a half before I figured it out.

An interesting book which I am not saying applies to you but which might for all I know is Nutrition and Mental Illness, by Carl Pfieffer. (I think Potatoes not Prozac is like that too, but I've never looked into it.) Apparently, what you eat actually affects your mental balance! (sarcastic tone) I wish doctors would do nutrition therapy instead of filling you full of pills. . . . Voodoo doctors!!! Bah!

Hey, you still need to ask Tara why I'm so obscenely fat despite eating very well.

Chara said...

Ummm... Could you pleaase post some recipes on this blog so I can steal them? I need some easy healthy stuff.

(has anyone else noticed how obsessed I've become with recipes? One would think that I would actually cook since I have been collecting recipes like no tomorrow, but it's not true. Perhaps I am simply hording them in case I need them... ever.)