I made a new carrot with some of my new yarn. I made it small because I was a little afraid of using the expensive yarn. Also, I tried felting it, but I think it needs more done to it.

We are enjoying our time off. I'm painting and sewing and stuff, and John is organizing the house. Lots of fun.

A little side note: I had a sort of, let's say, post-modern experience over the break, and I think I am finally approaching my art with a little new life. I think good things will come of this. There will be pics of new work soon.


Chara said...

Post-Modern experience? What was that? I am so curious!

Unknown said...

hmm. i'm curious too... btw, i love the carrot. and felting is alot of fun, once you get the hang of it... i have a hat i totally ruined. enjoying your "domain" - john, what a good gift!


Anonymous said...

I also am curious, and so shall invoke the Power of Three to demand that you explain yourself. =)

Also...if you haven't already seen them, you might enjoy




There was an interesting article in the Fall 05 Interweave Knits about people who do shibori on knitted stuff.

I would've emailed this to you but alas, I seem to have lost your email address and it wasn't on your (attractive and enjoyable) new website. =P