Yarn, Photos and Juggling

John and I waited to open our gifts until after we got back from visiting family. So we had Christmas last night. John got me this old puzzle of a DeKooning painting. He also had prints made of a bunch of our pictures. I've been saying all year how, though I love digital cameras, I feel bad that we don't have any pictures to put in albums and show people. So he had 250 of our favorite pictures printed, from while we were dating, the honeymoon, our road trip and birthdays. It was great. And if you ever come visit us, expect to have to look at them all.

Also, on our way home we stopped at a yarn shop in Brentwood. It was kind of small, and of course pricey, but I thought you have to buy really great yarn occasionally. So here are my new yarns. (After having fun with Haydn's stuffed fruits and vegetables, I decided to make a large stuffed carrot.)

And finally, John is selling his juggling clubs online since he doesn't use them much, and they're large. But first we got some pics and videos of him in action. If I knew how to put a video on here I'd show you, but if you just look back and forth between the two pictures really fast, you'll get the idea.

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